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Murdoc’s BCS Predictions 2012-2013

The BCS bowl games kick off today and I have made my picks:

Sugar Bowl: Louisville vs. Florida

I think Florida will destroy Louisville in this match-up. Another example of SEC dominance.

Orange Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. Florida State

Although I would love to see Northern Illinois win here, I think Florida State will take it. I think depth of schedule is the key here and Northern Illinois lacks the experience of playing against top-tier teams.

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon vs. Kansas State

Very torn over this game. I am going to choose Oregon based on their experience in big games, but would not be surprised if Kansas State has figured out the Oregon offense.

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Stanford

Motivations will be high for Wisconsin with Bielema leaving and for Stanford for losing to Notre Dame and losing their shot at the National Championship game. I think Stanford dominates here.

BCS National Championship: Notre Dame vs. Alabama

Despite being a Notre Dame fan, I think Alabama wins this match up. Nick Saban has too much time to prepare and I think that is the difference maker.


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