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Murdoc’s BCS Predictions

The BCS bowl games kick off today and I have made my picks:

Sugar Bowl: Michigan vs. Virginia Tech

I have already gone on record about my thoughts on this game. I am going to stick to my Big Ten bias and go with Michigan, but I will not be watching the game to see the end result.

Orange Bowl: West Virginia vs. Clemson

I like the Mountaineers here.

Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs. Oklahoma St.

This game is one I will be watching. My prediction is Andrew Luck will come out after not taking home the Heisman and show the world one last time why he deserves to be the #1 draft pick. My big question mark is will OSU come out motivated or flat after being snubbed out of the National Championship game? Either way, I think Luck and the Cardinals will be taking home all the Tostitos.

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Oregon

For this game, my hatred of every Wisconsin team and their recent successes (see: Packers) outweighs my Big Ten bias. As a result, I am reluctantly going with Oregon, who traditionally has not fared well in bowl games due to the competition having amble time to prepare for their high octane offense. Still, I think Chip Kelly has learned this lesson and will have some nice surprises for Bucky.

BCS National Championship: Alabama vs. LSU

I like LSU here. They have the classic trait of all great teams where they cannot be stopped for the whole 60 minutes and thus somehow find a way to win.


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