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Murdoc’s Wild Card Weekend Picks

It’s a great time of year. Bowl games are wrapping up and Wild Card weekend is kicking off. Here are my Wild Card weekend picks:


Lions vs. Saints
I am going with Saints, but only because they are playing in their house. The team had a meltdown last year at Seattle, but not this year with Drew Brees playing lights out on his house.

Falcons vs. Giants
Again, if this game was in Atlanta I would go with them no questions asked. With the game at the Giants, I am going to go with them, but I am concerned which Eli will show up? I’ll gamble and guess the Super Bowl stud shows up.


Bengals vs. Texans
I like Cinncinati’s Red Rifle (Andy Dalton) and AJ Green combo. Houston seems beat up, so I’m going Cinnci.

Steelers vs. Broncos
Last week and the two prior put to rest the nonsense called Tebow Time. I see the trend continuing, so have no concessions going with Pitt.


Murdoc’s BCS Predictions

The BCS bowl games kick off today and I have made my picks:

Sugar Bowl: Michigan vs. Virginia Tech

I have already gone on record about my thoughts on this game. I am going to stick to my Big Ten bias and go with Michigan, but I will not be watching the game to see the end result.

Orange Bowl: West Virginia vs. Clemson

I like the Mountaineers here.

Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs. Oklahoma St.

This game is one I will be watching. My prediction is Andrew Luck will come out after not taking home the Heisman and show the world one last time why he deserves to be the #1 draft pick. My big question mark is will OSU come out motivated or flat after being snubbed out of the National Championship game? Either way, I think Luck and the Cardinals will be taking home all the Tostitos.

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Oregon

For this game, my hatred of every Wisconsin team and their recent successes (see: Packers) outweighs my Big Ten bias. As a result, I am reluctantly going with Oregon, who traditionally has not fared well in bowl games due to the competition having amble time to prepare for their high octane offense. Still, I think Chip Kelly has learned this lesson and will have some nice surprises for Bucky.

BCS National Championship: Alabama vs. LSU

I like LSU here. They have the classic trait of all great teams where they cannot be stopped for the whole 60 minutes and thus somehow find a way to win.