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Murdoc’s Sports (News) Corp: BCS without the C

The NCAA has selected the teams who will participate in its five BCS bowl games and I am calling it like I see it: this is BCS.

The NCAA has touted its BCS system as the best method for selecting teams into bowl games since its inception in 1998. This year the BCS ignored 4 of the top 10 teams its omniscient system spit out, deciding to handpick 4 teams out of the top 25 for no other reason than they wanted to see more dollar signs$$$$$$$. Let me break down the Sugar Bowl as my example:

Matchup: #11 Virgina Tech vs. #13 Michigan

My first reaction after seeing this match up was, MICHIGAN IS IN A BCS BOWL? How Michigan made it into the BCS bowl is shocking for 2 reasons:

1. The BCS system placed Michigan ahead of Michigan State after Michigan State beat Michigan during the regular season, won the Legends division, and went to the Big Ten Championship. Sure Michigan State had one more loss than Michigan, but that is due to playing in and losing the Big Ten Championship game, of which Michigan was not deemed worthy to play in. Based on the results of the Big Ten and SEC Championship games this year, I would recommend a team finish third in the conference and miss the championship game because they can sit home eating bon bons without a care because a BCS game, let alone the National Championship game is not out of reach. In fact, the NCAA decided the two teams that lost their respective conference championship games (Michigan State and Georgia) should play each other in the prestigious Outback Bowl, which in my humble opinion makes more sense as the Sugar Bowl matchup.

2. Traditionally, the SEC champion plays in the Sugar Bowl, but since we have a SEC showdown in the Super Dome already and with Georgia and Michigan State being shipped down under, the NCAA decided the top ACC team and the third (arguably) Big Ten team should be selected for this bowl. Why does this make sense? It’s all about the money.

Michigan has not been to a BCS bowl since 2007 which has created an itchy fan base that are not so patiently waiting to pull their pocket books out for a trip to New Orleans (I should note that Michigan State has not been to a BCS bowl since 1988). On the other side, Virginia Tech has been in 5 BCS bowls in the last 6 years, which is enough data points for the NCAA to see that their fans travel well, so they should continue to be thrown into BCS bowls. One more thing to note, Virgina Tech has lost 18 games in the last five years while #7 Boise State has lost 6, yet Boise State continues to be shoved out of the BCS despite having a perfect record in BCS bowl games.

I can’t take it anymore, I am sick of this BCS. Bring on Mark Cuban!


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