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“Ponder” This

Well, I can legitimately say that I called the Vikings’ selection of Florida State QB Christian Ponder…Kinda. In my Draft Spectacular post, I said that Ponder seemed like the most logical option at QB for the Vikes–in the second round. I, like most Vikings fans, remain puzzled by the team’s choice to go with Ponder at #12.

But while I agree that Ponder was a pretty big reach, I couldn’t be more excited about the Vikings’ potential with him under center. Ponder is mobile, accurate, and has great awareness in the pocket. Plus, he played in a pro-style offensive system that will be very similar to the Vikings’ system under new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave. Ponder doesn’t have the strongest arm, but his skill set is a great match for Minnesota’s style: quick, short- to mid-range passes, with an occasional deep ball and, of course, regular hand-offs to the best RB in the game, Adrian Peterson.

Sure, the Vikings probably could have traded down and still gotten their man at QB. Sure, Ponder may not have been the absolute best QB available when the Vikes were on the clock. But they filled a need, and they found a solid leader whose skills match their gameplan. I think Ponder has a lot of upside, and I’m excited about his future in Minnesota.

One thing’s for sure: Christian Ponder’s jersey will soon be replacing Brett Favre’s in Hollywood’s closet.



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