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Murdoc is Picking the Steelers

I am taking the Pittsburgh Steelers as my final pick of the season. I do not have a clear image of who will win this game (if the game was outside I would not even consider the Packers) as I usually do, but here are my reasons for picking the Steelers:

1. Easiest way to beat the Packers is to disrupt Aaron Rodgers, which has been no secret the entire season. Mike Tomlin and the Steelers defense have had MORE than enough time (even if they watched the entire Pro Bowl) to create a game plan for getting to Rodgers.

2. Big Ben gets it done. It is not guaranteed to be pretty, but he has consistently found ways to win throughout his career.

3. Mike Tomlin is my X Factor. He never panics under the pressure of a big game. As a result, his team plays confident and relaxed.

4. The Packers have gotten this far with no-name running backs James Starks and John Kuhn who have played, in my opinion, above their potential. I think its time for these two guys to have a screw-up or two under the big and watchful eyes of the Super Bowl.

Hopefully this is an exciting game and my prediction comes true in the form of a dramatic loss for the Packers.



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