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Number 6 is No Good

From the title of this post it would appear like I plan to rag on Jay Cutler for sitting out the NFC Championship with a knee injury. Despite Jay’s questionable call to sit out, I want to share some reactions about the Championship games, which include the other number six, Mark Sanchez. My thoughts:

1. If it were not for the weak “tackle” (if you can call it that) Aaron Rodgers threw down on Brian Urlacher, the NFC Championship could have produced a different winner. What baffles me is that Urlacher, known for his physical size, can be so easily brought to the ground. Here is the video:

2. Looking into Mark Sanchez’s eyes during the National Anthem, I knew he was not going to win that football game. I would have bet my life’s savings and all of my future earnings on the Steelers after I saw his expression, it was that obvious.

3. The Steelers only needed to play well for one half in order to seal their victory! This is just outrageous (C) Hollywood.

4. Jay Cutler is a buffoon.

5. After spending all day watching these two games, I am not sure if I would miss football next year……..

Bottom line is the opposing quarterbacks played one step above number six on the ugly spectrum, which was good enough to get their teams into the playoffs.

Side note: If 6 + 6 = 12, does that mean Cutler + Sanchez = Rodgers?



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