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Fixing Metrodome Roof A Mistake

The Metropolitan Sports Facility Commission (the Metrodome’s landlord) is making a big mistake by investing in repairing the damaged roof. Here is my argument:

1. Twins Fest has been moved to the National Sports Center in Blaine.

2. The University of Minnesota Golden Gopher baseball team is rumored to have cancelled or relocated its games that would be held at the Metrodome.

Due to these events being moved, the only logical reason to fix the roof is for the Vikings’ 2011 season. Coincidently, the Vikings are childishly threatening to leave if they do not get a  new stadium. With the lease expiration looming, this issue will have to be addressed by Minnesotans in 2011. My greatest concern is the MSFC will fix the roof and then build a new stadium for the Vikings after the 2011 season. My solution is to put the money that would be spent to repair the roof towards kicking off building a new stadium in 2011. We all know the Vikings are not going anywhere (fingers crossed as Hollywood would say), so we should tear down the Metrodome and begin to build the new stadium immediately.



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