Sports and more. But mostly sports.

NFL Championship Round

The Divisional round of the playoffs is in the books. Both the top seeds are out and so are the Cinderella Seahawks. Being a Vikings fan, I am struggling to find a team to root for going forward. Since I do not have a horse in the race, I figure I can make a non-biased prediction for the outcome of the Championship round.

NFC Championship: Packers

The Packers were firing on all cylinders against the Falcons and I do not see them slowing down against the Bears. Tim Masthay will handcuff Devin Hester, the Packers defense will handle Jay Cutler, and Aaron Rodgers will continue to dazzle us.

AFC Championship: Steelers

This should be a great game that features two top defenses. I like Mike Tomlin and Big Ben because they are comfortable in the big game. On the flip side, I predict Rex Ryan will make a big  mistake that puts his team in a hole. What the game ultimately comes down to is the Steelers defense vs. Mark Sanchez. I just can’t see Sanchez being able to consistently get the ball to his playmaker receivers.

Well there you have it. My Super Bowl XLV match-up is Steelers vs. Packers. Since I absolutely hate the Packers (and Bears for that matter), I have decided I will be rooting for the AFC from now on.



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