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One Take on Josh McDaniels

Much to my chagrin, several reports have rolled in this week that the Vikings will be meeting with Josh McDaniels, presumably with the possibility of him becoming offensive coordinator. What makes this especially interesting is the fact that the Vikings already have an offensive coordinator–Darrell Bevell. I’ve never been a Josh McDaniels fan, so the fact that he’s even being considered by the Vikings annoys me enough. But the fact that the team is basically interviewing for a coaching position that isn’t even vacant is just odd.

Here’s the one possible perk I can take out of all this. In a segment on NFL Network earlier today, former Raiders (and Vikings) QB Rich Gannon said that if in fact McDaniels ends up in Minnesota, he could very well attempt to pull the same bait-and-switch that he did when he arrived in Denver. Gannon says that just as McDaniels traded away Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton, he could attempt to bring Kyle Orton to Minnesota via trade. I don’t approve of McDaniels’ tendencies to surround himself with familiar people, but Orton would undoubtedly bring some clarity to the Vikings’ QB situation, and allow Joe Webb (or another drafted QB) some time to develop and learn.

One thing’s for sure: the circus that Brett Favre brought to Minnesota doesn’t look like it’s leaving any time soon.



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