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Tracking Our Bowl Picks

In our New Year’s Edition podcast, Murdoc and I made picks for each of the five BCS bowl games. The BCS Championship hasn’t been played yet, but I thought it’d be fun to look at how we’ve fared up to this point.

Rose Bowl–Murdoc: Wisconsin, Hollywood: TCU (TCU wins 21-19)

Fiesta Bowl–Murdoc/Hollywood: Oklahoma (Oklahoma wins 48-20)

Orange Bowl–Murdoc/Hollywood: Stanford (Stanford wins 40-12)

Sugar Bowl–Murdoc: Ohio State, Hollywood: Arkansas (Ohio State wins 31-26)

Murdoc: 3-1, Hollywood: 3-1


There you have it, folks. Murdoc and I are tied in our records for BCS Bowl picks–and since we both picked Oregon, we’ll still be tied after the BCS Championship, regardless of the outcome. I guess we’ll have to branch out to the pros. Look for our NFL Playoff picks later this week.




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