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The Granddaddy of Them All

Here it is, our first podcast of the new year!

It’s been exactly one month to the day since our last podcast, so we thought it was about time. This week, we discuss Bubba Watson’s win at the Farm…something Tournament, pointless All-Star games, and the grandaddy of them all, the Super Bowl. Make sure to listen to every minute of this week’s special Super Bowl Edition. And we mean every minute.

We hope you enjoy the Super Bowl Edition of the Murdoc and Hollywood podcast. Look for our blog posts and podcasts to be posted more regularly in the days and weeks to come.

–Murdoc and Hollywood


Number 6 is No Good

From the title of this post it would appear like I plan to rag on Jay Cutler for sitting out the NFC Championship with a knee injury. Despite Jay’s questionable call to sit out, I want to share some reactions about the Championship games, which include the other number six, Mark Sanchez. My thoughts:

1. If it were not for the weak “tackle” (if you can call it that) Aaron Rodgers threw down on Brian Urlacher, the NFC Championship could have produced a different winner. What baffles me is that Urlacher, known for his physical size, can be so easily brought to the ground. Here is the video:

2. Looking into Mark Sanchez’s eyes during the National Anthem, I knew he was not going to win that football game. I would have bet my life’s savings and all of my future earnings on the Steelers after I saw his expression, it was that obvious.

3. The Steelers only needed to play well for one half in order to seal their victory! This is just outrageous (C) Hollywood.

4. Jay Cutler is a buffoon.

5. After spending all day watching these two games, I am not sure if I would miss football next year……..

Bottom line is the opposing quarterbacks played one step above number six on the ugly spectrum, which was good enough to get their teams into the playoffs.

Side note: If 6 + 6 = 12, does that mean Cutler + Sanchez = Rodgers?


Fixing Metrodome Roof A Mistake

The Metropolitan Sports Facility Commission (the Metrodome’s landlord) is making a big mistake by investing in repairing the damaged roof. Here is my argument:

1. Twins Fest has been moved to the National Sports Center in Blaine.

2. The University of Minnesota Golden Gopher baseball team is rumored to have cancelled or relocated its games that would be held at the Metrodome.

Due to these events being moved, the only logical reason to fix the roof is for the Vikings’ 2011 season. Coincidently, the Vikings are childishly threatening to leave if they do not get a  new stadium. With the lease expiration looming, this issue will have to be addressed by Minnesotans in 2011. My greatest concern is the MSFC will fix the roof and then build a new stadium for the Vikings after the 2011 season. My solution is to put the money that would be spent to repair the roof towards kicking off building a new stadium in 2011. We all know the Vikings are not going anywhere (fingers crossed as Hollywood would say), so we should tear down the Metrodome and begin to build the new stadium immediately.


NFL Championship Round

The Divisional round of the playoffs is in the books. Both the top seeds are out and so are the Cinderella Seahawks. Being a Vikings fan, I am struggling to find a team to root for going forward. Since I do not have a horse in the race, I figure I can make a non-biased prediction for the outcome of the Championship round.

NFC Championship: Packers

The Packers were firing on all cylinders against the Falcons and I do not see them slowing down against the Bears. Tim Masthay will handcuff Devin Hester, the Packers defense will handle Jay Cutler, and Aaron Rodgers will continue to dazzle us.

AFC Championship: Steelers

This should be a great game that features two top defenses. I like Mike Tomlin and Big Ben because they are comfortable in the big game. On the flip side, I predict Rex Ryan will make a big  mistake that puts his team in a hole. What the game ultimately comes down to is the Steelers defense vs. Mark Sanchez. I just can’t see Sanchez being able to consistently get the ball to his playmaker receivers.

Well there you have it. My Super Bowl XLV match-up is Steelers vs. Packers. Since I absolutely hate the Packers (and Bears for that matter), I have decided I will be rooting for the AFC from now on.


One More Take on Josh McDaniels (counterpoint)

It is true the Vikings have an offensive coordinator right now, but Darrell Bevell has not shown  me anything that would cause me to regret his departure. Now, this could be due to the lingering bad taste left by Brad Childress, so I will not place the blame for the mediocre play of the offense in 2010 solely on Bevell. With that said, I am amused by the possibility of Josh McDaniels coming into the Vikings’ organization. I think he can bring some much-needed fire power to the Vikings offense (I’ll be the first to admit that watching  Adrian Peterson run off tackle on most plays does get boring). As long as McDaniels doesn’t  use his bait and switch to bring Culter to MN, I think he will be a step up from Bevell. Needless to say, I will be watching the events unfold with much interest.


One Take on Josh McDaniels

Much to my chagrin, several reports have rolled in this week that the Vikings will be meeting with Josh McDaniels, presumably with the possibility of him becoming offensive coordinator. What makes this especially interesting is the fact that the Vikings already have an offensive coordinator–Darrell Bevell. I’ve never been a Josh McDaniels fan, so the fact that he’s even being considered by the Vikings annoys me enough. But the fact that the team is basically interviewing for a coaching position that isn’t even vacant is just odd.

Here’s the one possible perk I can take out of all this. In a segment on NFL Network earlier today, former Raiders (and Vikings) QB Rich Gannon said that if in fact McDaniels ends up in Minnesota, he could very well attempt to pull the same bait-and-switch that he did when he arrived in Denver. Gannon says that just as McDaniels traded away Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton, he could attempt to bring Kyle Orton to Minnesota via trade. I don’t approve of McDaniels’ tendencies to surround himself with familiar people, but Orton would undoubtedly bring some clarity to the Vikings’ QB situation, and allow Joe Webb (or another drafted QB) some time to develop and learn.

One thing’s for sure: the circus that Brett Favre brought to Minnesota doesn’t look like it’s leaving any time soon.


Tracking Our Bowl Picks

In our New Year’s Edition podcast, Murdoc and I made picks for each of the five BCS bowl games. The BCS Championship hasn’t been played yet, but I thought it’d be fun to look at how we’ve fared up to this point.

Rose Bowl–Murdoc: Wisconsin, Hollywood: TCU (TCU wins 21-19)

Fiesta Bowl–Murdoc/Hollywood: Oklahoma (Oklahoma wins 48-20)

Orange Bowl–Murdoc/Hollywood: Stanford (Stanford wins 40-12)

Sugar Bowl–Murdoc: Ohio State, Hollywood: Arkansas (Ohio State wins 31-26)

Murdoc: 3-1, Hollywood: 3-1


There you have it, folks. Murdoc and I are tied in our records for BCS Bowl picks–and since we both picked Oregon, we’ll still be tied after the BCS Championship, regardless of the outcome. I guess we’ll have to branch out to the pros. Look for our NFL Playoff picks later this week.