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Woody, aka Randy Moss

Okay, this is just weird.

Clay Travis, of, hosts a radio show in Nashville. On Wednesday, Travis received a call from a man who identified himself simply as “Woody.” Woody then proceeded to complain about Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher. But the peculiar thing is that this man sounded oddly familiar, especially to Vikings fans. That’s right–Travis suspects that Woody is none other than the man who has played for three NFL teams this year, Randy Moss.

So why would Moss call in to a radio station to complain about his head coach? Well, first, it should be no surprise that Moss is sounding off–he’s had a history of doing so. But perhaps after the recent outbursts in Minnesota that led to his quick exit, Moss has gotten smart about where he wages his battles–especially with free agency on his horizon. The Titans have denied that “Woody” is in fact Randy Moss…but we’ll let you be the judge. Listen to the link and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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